Global Dance Studio & Theater


(Summer Teen Retreat and Internship for Versatile Enrichment)

Vision: Empower Teens to pursue their dreams through a tailored retreat and internship journey in an environment where girls can encourage each other, work together, and also gain confidence to work independently.

Mission: Create a virtual team environment where, each girl will practice their passion/desired career goal together in a leaderless working team.  Their combined success will be demonstrated in a formal gathering  as they host a formal dinner seminar with entertainment.
Who can we benefit with this program?
- Girls who want to pursue business management careers
- Girls who want a career in the preforming arts.

 - Girls who want to pursue a career but don't know which one yet.

  • Balance their day to meet body, mind and spirit needs

  • Work together as a virtual team to lead and manage an event from beginning to end, roles and job descriptions will be assigned

  • Build their resumes

  • Reinforce academic work (personal areas of focus) in preparation for the next school year

  • Have fun while achieving a challenging goal​

 For the girls:
Your mission will be to organize and build your days and weeks into meaningful time balancing personal development, team development, exercise and self-reflection that will culminate into a wonderful evening where you will be the professional hosts of the S.T.R.I.V.E dinner event for your mentors and teachers.  You will present to your guests your leadership and execution of this project with the final delivery of your new and improved resume and goals for the next school year.