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Thank you for visiting the Global Dance, Home of 3D Boys Mentoring After-School page!   ​Scroll down to see the average daily schedule. . . . . . 

Typical After School Schedule

Pick-Up from the following schools - CURRENTLY

River Eves Elementary

Hillside Elementary

Holcomb Bridge Middle School

Esther Jackson

Homework is 1st! 

30 Minutes of Reading - NO MATTER WHAT!

Computers are available in the SEEDs room for research related homework tasks. (We are happy to provide homework help however, we do not consider ourselves to be a tutoring facility.)

Tutoring Services are available at an additional cost. 

Snack Time is 2nd

Homework Check

Clean-Up after Lunch

TV - Disney Channel & Disney Junior are the ONLY stations permitted in our After-School Environment

Class Schedule Begins for each category of After-Schooler.