Global Dance

Studio & Theater

Global Dance is a studio filled with opportunities for kiddos, teens, and adults.  If you don't see the class on our current schedule but you'd like to take it,  just make your request using the information box below.  NO REQUEST IS TOO SMALL - If 4 or more people request it, we have the team to make it happen and send you an invite to figure out a time that's best for the group!!

Scroll down to check out our Adult Summer Experience.  Register on this page, learn to register on this page. Request a series, workshop or class NOT currently in our class offerings.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!

3.  Notice the next set of tabs at the top of this screen   'Transactions', 'Make Payment' - The 'transactions' link is important because they allow you to see EXACTLY what you are charged, when, and why.  The 'Make  Payment' link is the easiest way to stay on top of payments.  Automatically payments are allocated on the 15th of each month; after the 20th, a late fee is charged. . . please see policies and procedures for more info.  

5.  The 'Register' tab will allow you to register all students at once or individually.  Please note:  this process will force you to complete credit card information BEFORE registration can be requested.  Students still must be approved to register with Global Dance from one class to the next.  Give us a call at the studio with any questions at 770-594-1937. 

4. The 'Students' tab will tell you information about each child on your account.   Make sure this information stays updated and accurate.   

Cheat Sheet of Registration @ Global Dance

1. After logging in, this will be the 1st page you see. . .it has messages, account info, and a list of students. 

2.  Notice the tabs at the top of this screen 'Account', 'Credit Card Info', 'Parents', Emergency Contacts', 'Notes'.  With the exception of 'Notes', click on all these links to add required info, especially the credit card link, it's the only way your registration request  will go through.   

Welcome to Global Dance Registration 'Cheat Sheet' Page!!!