Global Dance Policies & Procedures

Thank you for choosing Global Dance.  Your decision to take classes with Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs Inc. will be among your more informed decisions.  Our assertion is to continuously honor Liezel Lane's (Executive Director & Founder) reason for starting this organization, "To create a diverse infrastructure for girls and women, that is a productive, safe, and non-judgmental environment, where they can learn ANY form of dance that is accommodating, easily acceptable, and in a welcoming environment.”  Your decision to take classes at Global Dance, Home of Atlanta SEEDs Inc. automatically supports our collective purpose as an organization and we take our role within the community very seriously.  We love the power of dance and we also elect to run a dance studio as a business, a unity builder, and a tool in which to build empowerment.   Thank you for supporting Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs.

Please take the time to view and observe updated policies & procedures, price changes, new membership and non-member information.  ALL members & non-members will be held responsible for knowing them and adhering to them.  This information may also be found on our website at or call our office at 770-594-1937.

Payment, Tuition & Registration Policies:

Payment Terms:

Payments are due on the 15th (fifteenth) of each month, auto billing is available. We gladly accept the following methods of payment: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Payments may be made online, at the office, or by mail.  Any account unpaid after the 20th of the month will have late charges assessed for $25.  You will not be receiving a statement from our office for your monthly tuition. You may check your account online at any time. If at any time you would like a printed statement of your account you may request one.

A statement will be mailed and/or emailed for the amount due, with late charges assessed for overdue payments ONLY. Any student with an overdue balance for longer than 14 days will not be allowed into class until payment in full is received or aggressive payment arrangements have been made.  We absolutely love every student enough to hold them accountable for being individuals of their word and because we specialize in developing leaders, our accountability also operates in how we do business.  Respectfully, Global Dance, Home of Atlanta SEEDs Inc will not allow debt to accrue because it does not help our students and it certainly does not help the business. Please see 'Payment Terms' for more information.  

Payment of Fees: Tuition is divided into 10 equal installments. Tuition must be paid by one of the payment methods offered by Global Dance (Currently Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). Tuition will be debited from your bank account on the 15th day of each month from Aug-May for FWS (Fall/Winter/Spring) and June-July for Summer. All charges will appear on your bank statement or credit card statement as being from Global Dance - Atlanta SEEDs Inc. All Tuition, registration fees, show fees, costume fees, and all fees associated with dance are non-refundable. Global Dance does pro-rate tuition.

NSF: I hereby authorize the school to electronically debit my bank account for the amount for the amount of any NSF auto-debit transaction plus a $20 NSF fee.  A free ticket is made available to parents who volunteer to clean after shows.


When making your payment, please note that we gladly accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. Upon registering on the website, every account hold must have a billing cycle associated with their account.  Payments for Non-Members may be made online or in person.  A Non-Member will choose “Active Drop-In NON Member” as your billing option.  This will leave you without accountability to pay or sign a contract to begin class.  It is our most flexible option however, flexibility comes at a greater cost.  We love to encourage participation, consistency and help establish a great plan of longevity in dance and exercise development.  Memberships for adults are currently non existent because we would like to focus on allowing the best possible flexibility and the least amount of required commitment of time.

For all After School, 3D, VIP participants Select: “3D/VIP/SEEDs - Monthly Members” as your Billing Option

Membership Agreements must be signed in person and it is requested that you arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your 1st class.  As a Student/Account holder with Global Dance/Atlanta SEEDs Inc.  you will be expected to proceed in accordance with company policies and Student Code of Conduct as of March 2017.  All Registration Fees, Deposits, and Payments once completed, are non-refundable.  We are happy to offer credit towards a future class or membership within specific circumstances.  Our payment system does not allow room for unpaid balances, however, in the event that memberships are not maintained financially, the client is responsible for any membership balance remaining.   All Drop-In options are paid in advance prior to class or paid in full, online, per class.  

Friends of Global Dance!!!!!

Would you like to be a regular contributor of Global Dance, Home of Atlanta SEEDs Inc.?  Feel free to select the billing option:  “Become a Benefactor/Donor”.  You are able to sign up on our system and select this option for an automatic withdrawal each month for the amount which you select.  Thank you for being a valued contributor and for helping Global Dance, "To create a diverse infrastructure for girls and women, that is a productive, safe, and non-judgmental environment, where they can learn ANY form of dance that is accommodating, easily acceptable, and in a welcoming environment.  Your decision to take classes at Global Dance, Home of Atlanta SEEDs Inc. automatically supports our collective purpose as an organization and we take our role within the community very seriously.  We love the power of dance and we also elect to run a dance studio as a business, a unity builder, and a tool in which to build empowerment.   Thank you for supporting Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs. Every dollar you contribute is carefully managed and thoughtfully spent toward the previously mentioned, levels of excellence.  Our goal is to offer the same level of expertise for boys and men.  We can only hope to make the world a better place because of the purpose placed in us and through us.  Let’s Dance!!!

Full Yearly Payment:

There will be a 10% discount given to any account paid in Full.


Dance Cards:

Dance cards are for DROP-INS ONLY, during the summer.

Business Matters: Must be directed to our office. To voice any concerns or questions with Director, you must make an appointment for a scheduled meeting. No Instructor or Director is to be stopped before, after or during a dance class with questions. This takes away from scheduled classes and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Under no circumstance should a parent walk into a dance class room before, during or after a dance class. Thank you ~ Please contact us for assistance on payment plans, we are happy to work with you to establish options that keep you feeling great about accomplishing your dance goals, from a financial perspective as well as an emotional one.  As a rule, students are not permitted to perform unless all fees and tuition are up to date. Log into your account at


Congratulations on your decision to enter the wonderful world of dance.  Please don't forget to check out our website and get on our mailing list to get cool new updates on Global Dance happenings!   Please note the following details:Registration is accepted on first come first serve basis. This is important because it solidifies your slot in the program.  Enrollment is required for every class you enter, no matter how many classes you attend.  Students will be re-directed to the front desk when and if they are not enrolled in a class.  

Classes will be closed to further enrollment once maximum capacity has been reached.

Two registrations fees per year will be assessed and collected at the time of enrollment, one for FWS (Fall/Winter/Spring) and one for summer.

Initial payment and performing fee will be collected at time of application registration.  Online registration is just your initial spot holder, for ALL members a new application for 2016-17 is required.  

For new students, there is a one time setup fee for dance props etc.

There will be prorating for classes in accordance with the cost to class ratio in accordance with the remaining days left in the billing month.  Additionally, the amount of ‘credit’ issued, at the discretion of management consideration will be directly related to the cost to class ratio as well.   

Each student is encouraged to make up missed classes in another appropriate leveled class and is scheduled at the discretion of the teacher.  Thank you for Registering with Global Dance/ Atlanta SEEDs! Your Registration forms are attached.

Class Pricing:

Please Note:  Global Dance Reserves the Right to Change Prices at any time.

Global Dance, Home of Atlanta S.E.E.DS

Member & Non-Membership Pricing

FWS - (Fall~Winter~Spring) & Summer

All ONLINE prices reflect NON-MEMBERSHIP PRICING.   ~ For the BEST DEAL - Choose Membership!

Adult Class Pricing - FWS:


$15.00 Per General Dance Class.  Specialty Classes, Workshops, Series offers different pricing options.

90-Minute Choreography Class & Advanced Classes - $25.00.

Registration Fee:$45 (Administrative, Operational) - Applies with series ONLY

6-Week Series - $72 NM -

8-Week Series -    $96 NM -

ADULT MEMBERSHIP - Do Not Exist - Drop-In - $15 / 6-Week/ 8-Week are the only options.

Youth/S.E.E.D.s Pricing - FWS:


Registration Fee: $45(Administrative, Operational)

General Dance Classes - $50 per month

Drumming Classes - $50 per month

Work Day Camp - $75 - 9A-6P

S.E.E.DS - MEMBERSHIP - CC & Contract Required

(Self-Esteem, Empowerment & Education Through Dance)

S.E.E.DS Setup Fee: $100 (Veil,Cymbals,Belt)

Registration: $35 (Administrative, Operational)

S.E.E.D.s classes - $85.00 per month. Mentorship Based Empowerment

S.E.E.Ds - Mentorship Based Empowerment PLUS ONE Dance Technique is $120 per month.

S.E.E.Ds - Mentorship Based Empowerment PLUS TWO Dance Technique is $150 per month.

Apprentices/Performing Students - $160 per month – Includes Unlimited classes and External Performance Opportunities.

Movement, Mentorship, Life Skills, & Confidence Building (MMLSCB)

The Summer Season Experience:

S.E.E.D.s (Elementary) Summer Camp Prices: $125 Camp Price. One Time $35 Registration is required.  

Strive (Teen) Internship Prices: $400 Internship Price. One Time $50 Registration is required.

ADULT MEMBERSHIP - 3D is the ONLY membership option available during the Summer. (See Above)

Drop-In Options Available: $15

Private Classes - $35

10% Multi-Class Discount

10% Parent Discount for Adult classes

10% Sibling Discount

Internal and External Workshops, Renters, Series, and extras available all year round

All prices will add an additional 2% processing fee at the time of transaction

General Costume/Performance Fee for ALL students - $100

Studio Rental Options Available - See Price list    

Birthday Parties - $325 for up to 10 girls

Withdrawing Policy:

All guests are either members or non-members.  Non-members will not require a withdrawal.  In the event of a member withdrawal the following policy will apply. The membership contract will not authorize withdrawal accept under sincerely detrimental circumstances including, terminal illness, out of state move, death, or a letter written 30 days in advance of the cancellation date. Otherwise, the contract will be treated as any other, binding, legal agreement with financial accountability, and the requirements therein.  Whatever membership you choose, you will be required to pay until the term has ended at which time you will have the option to renew or choose a membership better suited to your needs.  In the event of terminal illness and out of state move, you must complete a drop form thirty-days prior to your upcoming tuition payment. You will be responsible for the next payment if you do not give a thirty-day written notice. Please be aware that no prorating or refunds will be issued due to withdrawal.  Global Dance, Home of Atlanta SEEDs Inc. commits to offering quality classes, events, workshops, and instructors with AMAZING vision, skill, and technique.  In exchange, we will be committed to maintaining the financial climate which protects the mission, purpose, and vision while upholding the integrity of every investor, student, and future collaborator.

Refund Policy:

All sales are final. Registration Fees, Deposits, and payments once completed, are non-refundable.  Please contact us for assistance on payment plans.  No refund will be given unless a class is canceled - at which point the cost to membership package ratio will be considered. As a rule, students are not permitted to perform unless all fees and tuition are up to date. Log into your account at Log into your account at

General Class Policy:

Please also view our Student Code of Conduct

  • All students, parents, visitors, account holders, and person entering the building except staff, renters, and teachers are required to sign in.  Please enter your name, date, time in, reason for your visit (include ALL classes you are there to attend that day), and verify whether you are a Drop-In, After School SEEDs/3D/VIP.  This procedure is now an important part of our policy.  If you are enrolled in the classes you are attending, this will create immediate convenience for you.  

  • Attendance procedures for classes have changed.  After signing in at the front desk, teachers will take attendance and if you are not currently enrolled in their class, you will be directed to the front desk to complete enrollment.  There will be no exceptions.  

  • The students should arrive to class on time. The first 15 minutes are crucial to a proper warm-up.  If you are 15 minutes early, you’re on time, if you’re on time, you’re late.

  • If a student arrives late, please check in with the front desk for attendance and to receive access to class.

  • Dancer should be dressed in proper attire with hair pulled back off the face.  

  • NO GUM, Cell phones, and only small, non dangling jewelry are allowed in class.

  • Respect for your teacher and fellow classmates is the number one lesson in dance class.

  • Students should come to class with a positive attitude, ready to dance!

  • Students should come into class fully prepared

  • No smoking on or near the premises.

  • Proper undergarments are required.

  • It’s ok to SMILE, because it’s time to dance!

  • Parents and students should never interrupt a class in session.

  • Only water is allowed in the studios. No food, drinks, or gum.

  • We love babies and young children and appreciate the chance to meet our students’ siblings. However, our priority is the safety of every child on the school premises. Children must be supervised at all times and are not free to run around the lobby or classroom areas.

  • Please do not dispose of dirty diapers inside the school. Large trashcans outside the studio are better suited for such disposal.

  • No cell phones or computers may be used in the classroom during class time. (This means no emailing, Internet use, or text messaging.)

  • Never speak negatively about teachers, students, or parents from other schools.

  • All students must show respect for their teachers at all times. Inappropriate behavior could result in dismissal from the school.

Dress Code:

Comfortable and moveable clothing.  

Street shoes will not be permitted inside the studios floors. No food or drinks are allowed in the dance rooms. Food may be eaten in the SEEDs room. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

Please put your name on all belongings. Global Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  A Lost & Found Area is located at the rear of the studio in a trunk labeled - “If you Lost it - We found it”.  Every month on the 1st, we will donate ALL items as our facility is not equipped to house extensive lost items.

The dance season schedule and pricing is subject to change without notice. Classes will be closed when full. A minimum of 6 students is required per class. Classes without adequate enrollment will be canceled at the discretion of the Executive Director.  Substitutes will teach class if the regular teacher is unavailable.

Global Dance reserves the right to refuse service to any student, parent, or legal guardian for any reason, including, but not limited to not adhering to the rules set forth in these policies and procedures.

Safety Policy:

Our student’s safety is of primary importance. All visitors, students, participants, and guests must sign-in, there are no exceptions.  All young students must be walked into the dance studio by their parent or chaperone. If they are to go home with someone other than the person who dropped them off, please let the front desk know know when they are dropped off.  If a health condition exist which will prevent full participation, please notify Global Dance in writing as soon as possible.  Unattended siblings are not allowed in the studio.  Please do not drop them off if they are not dancing.  Global Dance cannot be responsible for children not participating in the program at the time of their presence.  Parents should arrive to pick up their children before the class ends and must come inside the studio to receive their child. Students should be picked up on time and should not be left in the lobby. Please make sure your child knows not to leave the studio without you and that they will not be allowed to wait outside for their ride.  Please notify the studio if you will be late picking up your dancer.

Teachers reserve the right to dismiss any student from class who continuously disrupts.

A parent/teacher conference must take place before a “dismissed student” may return to class.

Student and Parent Use of Social Media:

The use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and other social media outlets is commonplace. This policy is intended to provide parents and students with guidelines for the use of social media regarding Global Dance Studio & Theater.

  • Please use common sense and discretion when posting on these sites.

  • Never post anything that could compromise the self-esteem of students who attend Global Dance Studio & Theater.

  • Never post any negative comments, or reveal any information personal or professional that compromises Global Dance Studio & Theater, our teachers, our performances, events attended, their families or any proprietary and/or confidential information which is strictly prohibited.

  • If you post videos of class or rehearsals, do not post any choreography in its entirety.  Global Dance Studio & Theater owns the copyright to all choreography presented at the school.

  • Students and parents should neither claim nor imply that they are speaking on behalf of Global Dance Studio & Theater.

  • Use discretion when posting pictures, including those of other students at Global Dance Studio & Theater. Obey copyright laws.

  • Never post anything that could compromise self-esteem of students attending Global Dance Studio & Theater.

  • Respect the law, including those laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, copyright and fair use.  Parents and students should never post negative comments about other schools, teachers, or events, including competitions, conventions and performances.

  • If it is brought to our attention that there has been improper use of social media, you will be asked to remove the content and if not done so or if this continues to be a problem, it may result in dismissal of the student and/or individuals from access to our social media community up to legal clarification of our request.

  • Ensure that your social networking conduct is consistent with all of the policies contained in this handbook.

No Solicitation Policy:

Solicitation/Recruitment is unprofessional and unethical and will not be tolerated. Out of respect for Global Dance Studio & Theater and what we have created, we ask that no student or parents of students currently taking classes at Global Dance Studio & Theater and recently thereafter solicit/recruit, or attempt to solicit/recruit, Global Dance Studio & Theater students and/or parents for other instruction relating to dance.  There are times when we collaborate with other studios and organizations and every dance environment offers something special and unique.  We pride ourselves on being an organization with integrity and love for all facilities and we ask for that same respect in return.  We are happy to collaborate and accommodate but our solicitation policy is strictly enforced.

Health & Illness Policy:

When health challenges pervade the schools, the dance studio, and theater environment are also at risk.   We have noticed that when children come to the studio sick and contagious, they are infecting each other, as well as the staff, and other parents.  Even though we thoroughly clean and sanitize the studio every day, we need your help too ;-)

Please follow these few guidelines:

  • If your child has had a fever, they should not be in public for 72 hours after the fever breaks (According to Medical).  Sometimes Strep and Ear infections develop after the flu hits too, so keep an eye out for that.
  • I know that schools are not always great at recognizing when kids are sick and calling parents, but when we notice that a SEED or 3D boy are not themselves we will quarantine them immediately and call you.
  • We sincerely ask that when a kiddo is sick that they NOT come to Global Dance until they are symptom free.


I understand that there are risks of physical injury associated with, arising out of and inherent to the activity of dance. In recognition of this acknowledged risk of injury, I knowingly and voluntarily waive all right and/or causes of action of any kind, including any and all claims of negligence arising as a result of such activity from which liability could accrue to Global Dance, Home of Atlanta SEEDs Inc, its officers, agents, employees, instructors, subsidiaries, parent corporations, and all affiliated entities (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs Inc”. I hereby agree to release Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs Inc. and hold Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs Inc. harmless of all liability, and hereby acknowledge that I knowingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for all risks of physical injury arising out of active participation in dance on behalf of the participant.

I am aware that this is a release of liability and an acknowledgement of my voluntary and knowing assumption of the risk of injury. I have signed this document voluntarily and of my own free will in exchange for the privilege of participation. I also give Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs Inc. permission to use my picture or my child’s picture (if applicable) in or on any form of advertisement for Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs Inc. or a Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs Inc. affiliated event. If I am a minor, my parent and / or legal guardian has also signed this document releasing Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs Inc. from any and all such liability described above and has acknowledged that I am knowingly and voluntarily assuming all risks of injury inherent to this activity. The participant has my permission to participate in Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs Inc. I warrant the below information is complete and correct. I further release Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs Inc. of all liabilities associated with my attendance or my child’s attendance at Global Dance & Atlanta SEEDs Inc.


Our 2-way windows are provided for occasional viewing only.

During rehearsal for specific shows/events, viewing is discouraged.

Only dancers are allowed on the dance floors.  Parents are welcome to observe through the observation windows at the appropriate times.

Make-Up Options for Classes Cancelled in an Emergency:

Absences prevent students from learning necessary information to keep pace with the class. In the event of an emergency absence our teachers will arrange for added time when and/if no instructor is available for missed class.  The extra time will be made available by the instructor in accordance with their schedule, as needed.  When making up a class, please obtain permission from the teacher prior to taking class. Make–Up classes must be made up within 30 days month of absences for the convenience of students, instructors, and management team.

Inclement Weather: Global Dance will cancel classes due to inclement weather and will often times coincide with Fulton County School recommendations.  For questions, Call 770-594-1937.  For a more immediate response email: or

Parent’s Responsibility to be aware of Dates and Events: It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of all school activities, such as viewing days, recitals, extra classes, and dates the school is open or closed. The school will post all such notices on the bulletin board as well as sending Newsletters via email. The monthly newsletter will also be available at the studio to take home. It is the parent’s responsibility to regularly check these boards to ensure they are informed. It is the responsibility of the parents or adult students to inform the school of any address, telephone, or email address change.

Photo Release: All teachers, renters, students adult/youth/kids automatically agree hereby granted permission to be photographed, video-taped, etc. for use in brochures, websites, posters, advertisements and other promotional material. I give permission for Global Dance to take photos and/or videos of me or my child while participating in Global Dance activities for promotional purposes. Names of students will not be used or disclosed. I understand that for the safety of our dancers and their families, all photos and or videos of Global Dance classes, rehearsals and/or performances, including dancers in Global Dance costumes, will not be published or posted publicly, in printed or electronic format, without the express written permission of Global Dance and the Director. Parental permission will be requested.

For operating times, current schedule info, and other important information - please visit our website at

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