Liezel Lane has a Masters Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and is a strong advocate for Performing Arts to help uplift her community. For 20 years she specialized in working with executive and senior management to help them mobilize change and strategy in fast and changing environments by working through the “people”. She is also known for establishing Leadership Development Programs and Coaching Programs and was awarded Woman of Excellence for Community Outreach in 2017 by The Atlanta Health & Wellness Festival.  She has worked in every area in Human Resources both internationally and nationally including HR project management, Implementing Performance Management, Organizational Development, HR Relationship Management, and Learning and Development Integration during Mergers & Acquisitions. She also has various psychometric certifications and professional affiliations in the field. Over the last 8 years, she combined her dance and corporate qualifications by establishing a dance academy that specializes in providing girls and women the opportunity to build self esteem through dance. Atlanta S.E.E.D.s® (Self Esteem Empowerment and Education through Dance) aims to develop socially and fiscally responsible girls for the future by looking at self-reflection, relationships, negotiation, fiscal management and leadership within the community. Hosting events, choreographing new material, fundraisers and opportunities for generation Z to embrace the world of their future.

Toseima J-Coz is an Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, Singer, Writer, Songwriter, Assistant Director, Blogger, CEO of a nonprofit, Production Assistant, Stage Manager, and now ‘Studio Manager’ of the well-respected and trailblazing home of Atlanta S.E.E.D.S. Inc.  Toseima J-Coz holds a Business Bachelors Degree in Marketing & Management.  She worked her way through school by utilizing her business savvy within the corporate world while preparing business plans, grant-writing, and business development projects to financially fuel her desire for success the field of performing arts.  As a result, she teaches performing arts, participates in the arts and utilizes her experiences to help others. Toseima has trained with the Kids from Beasley, House O’Matics, Willow Creek, CCI Dance Ministry Training & Development Program, LoYola University Arts groups, Dance FX, and other respected organizations.  Her fingerprint within the field of performing arts has impacted hundreds of children and adults within nearly a quarter of a century in life-changing experiences! She is an actor, author, singer, dancer, poet, songwriter, choreographer, vision caster, and friend to many.  It is safe to say that anything Toseima sets her mind toward, success is absolutely inevitable.  Learn more about Toseima at or follow her blog at 

Mila Barbuto

Jazz, Broadway Instructor

Julia Weiss has been dancing since age three and has had training in ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, tap, and hip hop. She is in her senior year at Kennesaw State University, where she is majoring in modern dance. She hopes to dance for a modern dance company after college, and later open a S.E.E.D.s program of her own.  She is a certified S.E.E.Ds instructor for Global Dance.

Lacy Perry

​ATS®, Tribal Fusion,

& Zills Instructor

A Native South African, Zaia Hadiyyah promotes education in Middle Eastern dance, culture, music and costuming. Her focus is on the enhancement of the physical, emotional and social well-being of women in the community.  She does this through oriental dance classes, seminars, tours and performances. Zaia has been a lifelong dancer.  She has done intense training in the MIddle East, South Africa and the USA.  She has organized and hosted large scale workshops, fundraisers and performances. She has also directed and continues to build and lead student dance companies.  She has participated in numerous International Festivals in Europe, Egypt and South Africa. She teaches Folkloric and Cabaret Style Dance from the Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

​Liezel Lane

Executive Director

Julia Weiss

​S.E.E.D.s Instructor, Modern

A belly dance jack-of-all-trades, Lacy Perry is an instructor, performer, troupe director, event producer & costume retailer. Her passion for every facet of Middle Eastern dance is unstoppable & infectious!
As an instructor, Lacy has brought American Tribal Style, Fusion and “Killer Zill” classes to students in Johns Creek, Alpharetta and Roswell. Since the start of 2008, Lacy has traveled the nation learning from international superstars & continues to expand her knowledge to share it with her students. She enjoys performing original choreographies & improvisation with a theatrical bent as well as more “traditional” tribal & fusion. Lacy is certified in the Jamila Salimpour Belly Dance Format (Level 1) and Ansuya’s “Cabaribalusion”. She also founded and directs a student dance troupe, Northside Tribe, which has become known for their performances of her innovative and often geeky choreographies. Visit her website at Belly Dance by Lacy.

Toseima J Coz

​Studio Manager

Mila Barbuto has been a dedicated dancer since the day she could walk. She has trained with many companies, and been in love with the art since she was 2. She currently attends North Springs Charter High School, school of the arts and sciences. Mila also has experience as a performing actress and singer. Though, dance is her main priority, she shares her passion in theatre. Her main style of dance has always been jazz, and it has been since she was in 3rd grade. Mila believes everyone should have an equal chance to dance no matter what the circumstance is. Her mother is also a dancer, and they share this passion together. In the future, she would love to open a dance studio of her own to carry her love for the art. 

AЯRON  represents a new generation of recording artists. The young performer adds the title of acclaimed producer and songwriter to an already impressive repertoire.  Aaron began studying the movement of great performers like Michael Jackson and Usher early on. He was captivated by their talent and in awe of their generosity. At that moment he vowed his life to his passion for music and performance. He studied at various different dance and competition academies on scholarship, becoming technically trained in all dance styles including hip hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, African, lyrical, and modern. Finding a love for the stage, Aaron began to perform in talent shows & showcases spanning the South East. Age 20, Aaron initially draws in all his audiences with his husky tone and charms them with his honest lyrics. Strapped with a composition book and pen, Aaron began to write. His poetry turned into thought provoking lyrics, and his melodies evolved into beats. Currently writing for EMI, Aaron is busy working on his debut EP & is a recent graduate of Georgia State University with a BA in media production.  Stay tuned. There’s more to come from this rising talent!

Zaia Hadiyyah

​Global Dance Founder, Adult Folkloric Middle Eastern Dance Instructor

Arron Davidson

Hip-Hop, Tap Instructor

Global Dance Studio & Theater