Global Dance Studio & Theater

Current GlobalDance Adult Experiences

  • Ballet Bootcamp (no prior experience necessary. An amazing way to strengthen your core)
  • Bellydance (various Middle Eastern dance techniques that encompass cultural, music and, movement education 
  • Flamenco (no prior experience necessary.  A wonderful way to learn great Spanish rhythm, intricate footwork and movement with flare)
  • Latin (Salsa, Meringue, Bachata - no experience or partner necessary!)
  • Hip-Hop (All the latest pop-culture moves, broken down for you in a fun and aerobic manner!)
  • Tap (Gregory Hines, Fred Astaire and Usher all combined and easy to catch on)
  • Yoga (presented in a co-ed environment) 
  • Oriental/Folkloric Dance (the study and dance of modern and folkloric oriental)